A magic red kite

Caterina Metti drew a magic red kite for us. The kind that gives you butterflies in your tummy. That's definitely what RED paper Kite is about...

A magic red kite © Caterina Metti

Here is our quick chat with Caterina Metti - all the way from Florence, Italy - can you hear that beautiful accent?

RPK: Finish the sentence "Caterina is ..."

Caterina Metti: A Moorland.

RPK: What materials did you use to create this illustration?

Caterina Metti: Graphite and gouache

RPK: The illustration is really expressive of RED Paper Kite's essence - How did you come up with the idea?

Caterina Metti: I was on my way to the railway station and I thought about how books make us feel - inside. A spell. A little magic. So I imagined that this red kite could bring this kind of magic in a secret way - hence the large butterfly shadows.

RPK: If you had one wish?

Caterina Metti: It's not easy to express what lives in my mind or in my heart.

I wish I could be better at that - translating my ideas and my emotions onto paper in a better way everyday.

RPK: What is your magic power?

Caterina Metti: Waste a lot of time!!!


Caterina Metti was born in Bagno a Ripoli in 1989. After finishing her studies in science, she decided to pursue her passion for art. Her interests include cinema, music, cooking and literature. She usually works at her desk, using gouache & graphite - while listening to audio books. And hush hush... her debut picture book with RPK is due out in June 2019. Follow her Facebook & Instagram to keep up to date. 

Well grazie mille Caterina and ciao ciao for now!

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