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If Vikki seems distracted, it's probably because she's thinking about a new story.

She writes most nights, often in front of the TV, and is constantly updating the notes app on her phone to keep track of new ideas. Characters Vikki has written about include a hiccup, a bookworm, a princess, a pirate, a curious dog and a grumpy old oak tree. 

She currently splits her time between Milton Keynes in the UK and Melbourne in Australia.

Poppy, the Queen and The Seat is her first picture book.

A fresh Voice
A talk with Vikki Marmaras

What was your inspiration for this sweet story?

The idea for this story came, quite simply, from a cuddle with my son. We were renting a

relatively spacious house with an eclectic assortment of chairs, yet he only wanted to sit on

my lap. I joked with him that this was the best seat in the house and – just that like – the story

was born.


This is your first book. Can you tell us about your journey to getting it published?

I started writing the story in January 2020, just as we were all starting to talk about COVID-19. I spent a few months refining my manuscript and, in May that same year, got the email every aspiring writer dreams of! From there I worked with Red Paper Kite’s editor, Brenda Gurr, to get a final draft of the story ready for Caterina to work from. I became more fully involved in the production process again when it came to editing and reviewing the final pages.


What made you want to write for children?

After my first son was born, I started writing children’s stories, and I haven’t been able to stop since. I feel fortunate that my life is filled with moments that give me ideas for future stories. The thing I love most about writing picture books is that so much can be said in so few words. Some of my stories have messages within them, but I also love writing silly stories, which I hope children will enjoy reading just because they make them laugh!


Tell us about your main character.

Poppy is a princess who is used to getting her own way. She is determined and not afraid to let people know what she wants. Like all small children she can throw a fantastic tantrum. Luckily, she can also spot when she’s taken things too far and she knows how to make up for her bad behaviour.


What do you hope your readers will take away Poppy, The Queen and The Seat?

My first hope is that readers will be mesmerised by the book’s beauty. Every time I look at it, I spot something new. After that, I hope Poppy’s relationship with her mum will feel relatable to families, no matter what their shape and size. The story was inspired by a cuddle with my son, so if Poppy, The Queen and The Seat makes other families want to cuddle each other, that makes me happy.

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