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Daisy and Bear

and The Very Ordinary Day

Cover Daisy and bear cover web.jpg

Written By Haylee Hackenberg

Illustrated by Bianca Pozzi

Daisy and Bear live in a small house. They do the same ordinary things every day. Or do they?

Follow the adventures of this delightful brother and sister duo 

as they find the sparkle and fun in the daily routine of family life. 

With charming pencil illustrations by Bianca Pozzi, this is a delightful book that values innocence, imaginative play and love.



Imagination, creativity, play, family relationships, mindfulness

Children’s picture book

ISBN 978 0 6486 7429 0

40pp, Hardback

250mm x 255mm x 10mm 

Includes 1 colouring page and a sneak peek into the illustrator's journal.

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