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Welcome to our illustrator's competition!

We are looking at expanding our pool of illustrators and for the next 6 months (starting July 2020) you can get on our radar by entering our competition. Each month, we will pick one winner!




How to participate?

Please note: the competition is open to professional illustrators only.

Please illustrate our signature catchphrase …



Magic fairies, hungry bears, fire-breathing dragons, and warrior princesses inside.


A$200 per drawing.


Entry requirements

Landscape format

51.5cm x 26cm 

This is the format of our standard book spread.

The illustration must be child friendly.

Sorry, no abstract painting.

How to submit


Share your submission or part of it on Instagram and tag us @redpaperkite and  #redpaperkite - this is very important so we can find you!

Deadlines: 9 am GMT

Friday 29th August

Monday 28th September

Wednesday 28th October

Friday 27th November

Tuesday 22nd December


Once a month, we will pick our favorite illustration.

The winner will be announced via our newsletter on the last day of each month.

If you win, you will be required to send the final illustration (jpg) and .psd file via Wetransfer to: 

Your payment will be processed within two weeks via international transfer.

Terms & conditions

By entering the competition, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


The illustration will be used on Red Paper Kite’s website, social media, and for any marketing and promotional purposes of our brand.

The illustrator retains the copyrights to the work. 

The illustration may be featured on our IGTV.

One drawing per illustrator per month.


Good luck!

We look forward to seeing your fabulous work.

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