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Written by Valentine Paradis

Illustrated by Caterina Metti

When the eccentric, tea-drinking Snoozette 

boils her kettle, she has no idea of the ethereal 

experiences ahead of her.

Strolling through the sky, concocting potions with raindrops, eating cotton candy and even collecting clouds. 


But is Snoozette dreaming it all? Or can she possibly be awake? 


This whimsical story takes the reader on a gentle journey through a character’s mind. On each page, children will be captivated by the transformation of swirling steam clouds into everyday objects, throwing Snoozette into a series of perplexing situations. This is a marvellous book for discussing the wonder of imagination.

What's to love?

  • Fantastic conversation opener aboutteh importance of boredom to reinventing oneself

  • Includes 4 colouring pages

  • Large format adds to the magical feel of the story

ISBN 978 0 6484852 09 

40pp, Hardback

255mm x 350mm x 10mm 

About the Author

About the Illustrator

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'The most giftable book. It's utterly gorgeous!'

Megan Daley

Children's Books Daily

'A beautifully illustrated book, Miss 6 got really excited when she saw it!'


'I recently bought Snoozette, and I can hand on heart say, this book is exquisite!'


Love Four Learning

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