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The Lost Moustache

Written by Vikki Conley - illustrated by Caterina Metti

ritten by Vikki Conley - illustrated by Caterina Metti

When Frankie finds a moustache, she is completely 

baffled. Who loses a moustache?!


Frankie launches an investigation, determined to return 

the moustache to its rightful owner. 


Engaging, amusing and delightfully quirky.


Creativity, imagination, curiosity, theatre, the joy of dressing up, fun.


Children’s picture book

ISBN 978 0  648  674207

44pp, Hardback


255mm x 350mm x 10mm 

Includes 4 colouring pages

'You will be hooked on this book!'

Katie, All the Mummery

'It's all about celebrating curiosity. The text is really sophisticated and the illustrations are really, really, beautiful.'

Megan Daley, Childen's Books Daily

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