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Yohann Devezy is a debut author who seeks to create beautiful books with messages of hope, strength and acceptance. He is driven by a desire to write stories that can be shared across generations – particularly excited by stories that are underpinned by the embracing of inclusivity and diversity. He is passionate about LGBTIQ inclusion and broader social justice issues.


Born and raised in Bordeaux France, Yohann now lives in Perth, Australia, where he previously worked as a chef and hospitality trainer.

HUGO The boy with the curious mark is his first picture book.

A fresh Voice
A quick talk with Yohann Devezy


What was your inspiration for this book?

This book is one that I would have wanted to read as a young person growing up in an uncertain world. I believe that stories such as this are not only powerful for those who feel different, but also for those around them. I wanted to write a book with a theme of openness and acceptance that could reach both children and their parents, one that expresses the importance of understanding difference and accepting it as a core part of someone’s individuality.


How do you relate to HUGO's story?

HUGO’s story is based on my own experience of growing up gay within my family. While I was incredibly close to them, I never felt wholly comfortable expressing who I was until I was a young adult. 

Why is this book important?

As a member of the LGBTIQ community, we spend many years ashamed of our ‘difference’, so I wanted to tell a different story, that difference is wonderful and should be embraced.

What do you hope for your readers?

If my book helps just one young person, I’ll call it a success. If it starts one positive conversation between a child and their family, that’d be wonderful. We need more narratives that tell children to be proud of who they are.

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