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Written and Illustrated by Award Winning Illustrator Helene Magisson

Long listed ABIA Small Publishers' Children' Book of The Year 2021

Loukta is a brilliant puppet maker.

All of his creations work perfectly just as he expects them to.

Except for Claudette. She is a rickety misfit who longs for freedom and adventure. What can be done with such a puppet? Loukta doesn't know.

So Claudette stays on the shelf.

Until one incredible day...

This is Hélène Magisson first solo picture book!

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What's to love?

  • Adventure on every page!

  • Claudette is a classic fairytale character

  • Timeless story

  • Sneak Peek into the Author/ illustrator's journal

  • Colouring pages

ISBN 978 0 6484502 3 8 

40pp, Hardback

325mm x 235mm x 10mm 

About the Author/Illustrator

Animation by Jana Kaminski

Claudette homepage.jpg

''A book infused with magic!'

Megan Daley

Children's Books daily

'The slightly oversized nature and amazing paperweight also contribute to making this book even more captivating!'

Shannon Wong-Nizic

Oh Creative Day

'This is a lovely story about the joy of creativity, of accepting and valuing differences, of honouring the unique contribution that all of us can make.

What a treat!'


Kids Book Review

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