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Miss Eliza Flowerdew

can nearly touch the ceiling

Written by Brenda Gurr - illustrated by Hélène Magisson

Lucy’s mum is taller than her. 

Her grandad is even taller. 

So Lucy longs to take a peek at the very elderly 

Miss Eliza Flowerdew – at her age, she might even be able to touch the ceiling! But is Lucy brave enough to find out the truth? 


This is a magical story that explores how we can make incorrect assumptions about people, particularly the elderly. Along with Lucy, children will discover the rich experiences that make up a long life, the importance of memories and how the most unlikely friendships can be formed. 

Children’s picture book

ISBN 978 0  648 502302

44pp, Hardback


255mm x 350mm x 10mm 

Includes 4 colouring pages

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Miss Eliza internal.jpg
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Miss Eliza internals  colouring page xs.
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