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Miss Eliza Flowerdew
Can Nearly Touch The Ceiling

Written by Brenda Gurr 

Illustrated by Hélène Magisson

Lucy’s mum is taller than her. Her grandad is even taller. 

So Lucy longs to take a peek at the very elderly 

Miss Eliza Flowerdew – at her age, she might even be able to touch the ceiling! But is Lucy brave enough to find out the truth? 


This is a magical story that explores how we can make incorrect assumptions about people, particularly the elderly. Along with Lucy, children will discover the rich experiences that make up a long life, the importance of memories and how the most unlikely friendships can be formed. 

What's to love?

  • Lucy, with her onion shaped hair, is clever and audacious

  • If your child loves counting, this book is for you: Lucy is obsessed with numbers

  • Bravery and adventure on every page

  • Intergenerational friendship

  • Perfect read with Grandma

ISBN 978 0  648 502302

44pp, Hardback

255mm x 350mm x 10mm 

Includes 4 colouring pages

About the Author

About the Illustrator

''This is a gorgeously charming book about curiosity, imagination, and intergenerational friendship.''

My Picture Book Heart

'I just adore it.'


Megan Daley

Children's Books Daily

'A perfect book.'


Kids Books Review

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