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HUGO The boy with the curious mark

Written by Yohann Devezy - illustrated by Manuela Adreani

HUGO  was born with a beautifully curious mark. 


Although it’s something special, HUGO is concerned: he has never seen a rainbow mark on anyone else. Determined to find that someone else, HUGO sets out on a rollercoaster of emotion and adventure. He searches crowded spots in his city, experiencing a rich array of human difference. His quest seems to be in vain. 


But just as he gives up, something amazing happens ...


This gentle and heart-warming story explores how it feels to be different, with a contemporary edge that will resonate with modern readers.

Children’s picture book

ISBN 978 0 6484502 07

April 2019

40pages  - Harback

Includes 4 colouring pages


250mm x 255mm x 10mm 

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